By understanding your financial goals we can proactively bring you the best of our industry-leading expertise in managing and investing your wealth.

Please bear in mind that all investment carries risk. Investments can fall in value and you may get back less than you invested.

Investing your wealth 

Our clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and their investment objectives reflect this. We understand that and aim to help you preserve and grow your wealth over time.


Your Private Banker will act as your gateway to our award-winning portfolio management team, tailor-made investment products, and our third-party partners.




Discretionary services
An actively managed portfolio without the burden of day-to-day decision-making. All investments can fall in value as well as rise, so you might not get back what you originally invested




If you prefer to delegate the management of your investments to Harris Management Group our discretionary portfolio management service provides you with access to the extensive resources of the Harris Group. Our Professional Portfolio Management Team will utilize the best of our global research and investment capabilities to deliver your investment objectives and meet your financial goals. It’s a convenient, low-maintenance solution that allows you to concentrate on your business or personal interests, confident that your assets are being professionally managed.

Our discretionary portfolio management service offers you:


  • The collective experience of Harris Management Group portfolio managers and investment specialists, located in the USA and the UK.

  • The best of our global research and investment capabilities

  • State of the art investment techniques

  • A comprehensive range of investment solutions in line with the investment objectives agreed by you

  • Constant oversight and decision-making with the aim of ensuring your portfolio remains on track to achieve your financial aims

  • Regular reports and statements to keep you fully up-to-date





We have a range of investment solutions available depending on your appetite for risk and your financial objectives, whether you are seeking income or targeting capital growth. For larger portfolios, your investments can be tailored to meet more specific needs.



Our Portfolio Managers can give you access to a range of investments including stocks, bonds and best-in-breed mutual funds including some not normally available to individual investors.


Whatever the market conditions, our aim is to ensure your portfolio is always in the right place at the right time.




Advisory Services

Control your own portfolio with professional advice every step of the way. All investments can fall in value as well as rise, so you might not get back what you originally invested.






With our advisory services, you make your own decisions while working alongside your Private Banker/Investment Advisor. You have complete control of your portfolio and can feel confident that you understand the rationale and risks involved in any investments you make. 




Whether you’re experienced or new to investing, we can give you the appropriate level of advice. The service is highly collaborative. We make recommendations and discuss them with you in detail before you make the final decision.


With the advisory service, you benefit from:


  •  Investment advice tailored to your needs

  •  Alerts to investment opportunities, trends, and themes as they arise

  •  Privileged access to some of the best product providers in the world

  •  Our global research capabilities and rigorous due diligence

  •  Access to financial planning experts






The advisory investment service helps you to construct and manage your portfolio, and also gives you updates and reports. This service could be suitable for you if you want to make your own decisions based on our investment advice.


At the heart of this service is your Private Banker/Investment Advisor, who provides ongoing advice as part of a long-term partnership. Your Private Banker/Investment Advisor takes into account your personal circumstances, objectives and risk profile.